design thinking

Where did you go?

I realised recently that there has been a noticeable design trend seen in a number of studios. This trend is what I call the ‘designer youth injection’. Young designers eager and ready to take on the design world…doing literally that.

Fresh ideas are exciting and new ways of thinking get people motivated. I myself am inspired to hear 20 somethings share their story of ‘success’. However I have been in the industry just long enough to ask ‘where did all the ‘oldie designer types’ go? I know you are not necessarily starting your own design practises so I am guessing that the time came to start a new chapter.

Do not get me wrong, I love young designers. I still consider myself a young designer. Without a balance of experience in the studio the design world would not function. My concern is that the cream of the design world are moving on and a large void is being left.

I want to be one of those designers in it for life. For growth. To mentor and be mentored no matter which stage I am in my career. I hope that if you are a designer that you stick around. I want the pool of inspiration to be deep and enriching much like the journey ahead.

January 2013

Just sexying things up!

Smile! You have just bought design.

I find it entertaining trying to explain what I do. Most creatives dedicate hours of their lives to details the average person would never notice.

I have always enjoyed creating from the word go. I kept sketchbooks since the moment I could draw, galleries were places of escape and art was much like therapy.

When you look at process of creating art and design there seems to be a lot of common ground. It’s a well known fact that design needs to function and art does not. However the two worlds of design desire and art beauty are so connected that it can be difficult to see between the pixels and paint on occasion.

There is the idea that there is no wrong answer in design. That you can always create a something better but the original solution is not necessarily a wrong one. The journey to these solutions interest me more than anything else. Why some can agree a solution is right and others can not seem to get past a certain colour selection is surprising.

Designers deal with layers of information that they in turn interpret through their own experiences. We all are a reflections of our work.

September 2012

The Year 2004

It occurred to me the other day that hidden away on my computer was a folder labelled ‘thinking’. ‘Design thinking’ to be precise. What surprised me however was that this folder was created in 2004. So in the spirit of starting a new chapter I find myself writing and diving head first into ‘shinrabansho’, the beautiful Japanese word for all limitless things that are in the universe.

Keep doing what you are doing and see you out there.

August 2012